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Xtra Ordinary Event Organizer ( XOEO )
Event Organizer Jakarta

Professional Consultant & Event Management Team


Xtra Ordinary Event Organizer ( XOEO ) is a full service event organizer and venue management and event consulting company located In Jakarta Indonesia.

Xtra Ordinary Event Organizer ( XOEO ) offers complete event planning & management services, programming & production, entertainment and special event coordination, high-quality activities, and event promotion.

Xtra Ordinary Event Organizer ( XOEO ) also offers event and venue management consulting services including long-range planning, program and policy development, needs assessments, training, and general management assistance.


Our services are available throughout Indonesia to help corporations, SMEs, fairs & festivals, music and entertainment industry to present highly memorable events.

As a business we are committed to providing a professional, value for money service. Customer service is of high importance and we always endeavor to maintain a clear line of communication with our clients.

At XOEO, every event gives us adrenal rush and an excitement to make it ‘GRAND’. It’s not just business for us, its our passion and that's what makes us different from so many.

XOEO and our staff maintain strong networks to various organizations, including but not limited to Indonesian Ministers of Tourism and the Event Industry Associations.

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